How to Login from Lean Client

Once you have created the repository and configured the server, the next step is to login using your Astera account credentials.

You will not be able to design any dataflows or workflows on the Lean client if you haven’t logged in to your Astera account. The options will be disabled.

Log in to your user account

  1. Go to Server > Configure > Step 2: Login as admin.

  1. This will direct you to a login screen where you can provide your user credentials.

If you are using Astera 10 for the first time, you can login using the default credentials as follows:

Username: admin Password: Admin123

After you log in, you will see that the options in the Astera Lean Client are enabled.

You can use these options until your trial period is active. For fully activating the options and the product, you’ll have to enter your license.

How to automatically reconnect on client startup

If you don’t want Astera to show you the server connection screen every time you run the client application, you can skip that by modifying the settings.

To do that go to Tools > Options > Client Startup and select the Auto Connect to Server option. On enabling the option, Astera will store the server details you entered previously and will use those details to automatically reconnect to the server every time you run the application.

The next step after logging in is to unlock Astera using the License key.

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