Introducing Function Transformations

The Function Transformation functionality in Astera Data Stack is used to perform various data manipulation transformations, wherein Function Transformation objects are used to transform data based on certain logic. Astera Data Stack has a library of 290+ built-in functions which can be accessed from the Function Transformations section in the Toolbox.

Note: Function Transformations are available as objects in Astera Data Stack, where each function can be dragged-and-dropped onto the designer, allowing for direct mapping and manipulation of data from preceding objects.

These Transformation objects in Astera Data Stack help in data manipulations such as, string manipulation, data conversion, calculations, data parsing, comparisons, and date/time manipulation etc.

Upon expanding the Function Transformations tab in the Toolbox, various expandable tabs will open, each consisting of categorized Function Transformation objects. These tabs consist of the following sections:

To use any Function Transformation object in a dataflow, simply drag-and-drop from the Toolbox onto the designer, and map fields from and to the object, as required.

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