Relationship Manager

Working with complex data models might get difficult when dealing with various relationships within the model.

Astera Data Stack allows users to make changes to multiple relationships simultaneously, while also allowing users to track these changes, using the Relationship Manager.

The Relationship manager lets you:

  • Search and filter relationships

  • Change relationship types

  • Rename aliases, verbs, and constraints

  • Change foreign key field(s) of the relationship.

How To Use the Relationship Manager

To open the relationship manager, select the Manage all Relationships in Data Model icon from the toolbar, or use the shortcut key, Shift+Alt+E.

The FormRelationshipManager wizard will open, containing a list of all relationships in the data model.

Here, relationships can be filtered and/or searched based on the parent entity, child entity, parent alias, child alias, etc.

For example, to find all outgoing relationships from an entity, a filter can be applied.

  • To do this, select the dropdown arrow icon located next to the “From” header, and check the checkbox of the entity to be filtered.

  • Click OK to close the drop-down menu.

Now, only relationships with the previously specified entities, that are also parent entities, will be displayed.

Similarly, if we want to find all relationships ”From” and “To” an entity, or if we want to search a relationship with a specific keyword in its parent entity name, child entity name, parent alias, child alias or even in constraint, we can use the search bar to search for the specific keyword and all relationships fulfilling the criteria will be displayed.

When any relationship from the list is selected, it will be highlighted in the data model and all information regarding the selected relationship will appear in the wizard. This information can be modified as desired by the user.

After making any changes, click OK to implement these changes in the data model.

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