Logging In

Logging in to Astera’s Data Governance Platform

After deploying the assets in the client, follow the steps below to access Astera’s Data Governance Platform:

  1. You can access the Data Governance browser either by manually providing the URL: https:\\localhost:9462 or by navigating to the Data Governance section in Astera.

  1. On the first page that appears, provide the server connection details and click on connect.

Note: Please refer to the Certificate document attached at the end of this article to add certificate details.

  1. You will now be directed to the User Login page. Provide the Username and Password and click on login.

You will now be able to access the Resource Catalog in the Data Governance Browser populated with the assets deployed in the client.

Now that you have logged in to Astera’s Data Governance Platform, you can start governing all your deployed data assets.

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