Run Program

The Run Program task is used to run an executable command, or batch file, as part of your workflow. The execution of certain tasks, such as a series of commands in other programming languages (e.g., Python/R), in the form of .bat extension file, is performed through the Run Program task object.

To use a Run Program task, drag-and-drop the Run Program task object onto the workflow designer. Configure the object by right-clicking on the object’s header and selecting Properties from the context menu.

A Run Program Properties window will open, as shown below. This screen lets users define properties for an executable batch file.

  • Program Path: Specify the file path to the executable batch file that you want to run as part of the workflow.

  • Run In: Specify the default folder where Astera will run the batch file. (optional)

  • Arguments: Specify any required or optional arguments for running the batch file, such as providing an external input or indicating an input parameter change.

  • Run As: Enter a user account (if different from the administrator) that should be used for running the batch file.

  • Password: Enter the password specific to the user account entered in the Run As option.

  • Success Value: A value returned by the executable batch file upon its successful completion. The default value is 0. The Run Program task will expect this value to signal successful completion of the task.

  • Timeout: Define a time after which, if the program task fails to execute, Astera will terminate the process.

  • Fail Action if Unsuccessful: Check this option to return an error when the executable batch file ends with an error in the code.

  • Wait for Task to Complete: Check this option to stop Astera from proceeding onto the next task in the workflow until the batch file has finished running.

This concludes the working and configuration of the Run Program workflow task in Astera.

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