Access Management

Access Management in Astera's Data Governance Platform

Once a user has configured and enriched their data assets in the Resource Catalog, other users in the organization can view the asset details and request access for consumption in Astera.

In our case, the asset had been deployed and managed by the admin, so any requests sent by users in the organization have to be addressed by the admin.

Let us look at how this is done:

  1. Log in to Astera's Data Governance platform after creating a new user. In this case, we have created the user 'Sidra'.

  1. Navigate to the required asset.

Here, you will see the asset's owner is the admin, so the admin will address any requests made.

  1. Then, navigate to the Request Access tab.

Here you will see a text box where you can define the reason for your request.

  1. Specify the purpose for access and click Submit.

You will receive a message stating that the request has been sent and the status of your request is pending.

  1. Navigate to the My Request page from the top commands.

Here, you can see both Received and Sent requests.

  1. Click on the Sent tab to view the request we just made.

The user has the option to cancel this request if needed.

Now that the request has been sent, the admin can view it and either approve or deny it.

  1. Log in to Astera's Data Governance platform as admin and navigate to the My Request page.

You will see the request we just sent under the Received tab here.

  1. Approve the request.

The owner of the asset can then specify the duration they want to allow access if needed. In this case, we will not be setting a time period, so it will be approved for an indefinite period of time.

  1. Click on Confirm.

The request's status has been updated, and the user, Sidra, can now consume this asset in any Enterprise client.

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