Authorizing the ActiveCampaign API

The ActiveCampaign API is structured around REST, HTTP, and JSON. You can make requests by using URL endpoints particular to a specific resource. The resources in ActiveCampaign are represented in JSON following a conventional schema. In Astera, you can configure an ActiveCampaign API using the Import API option present in the REST API Browser.

ActiveCampaign does not provide an Open API definition so we will add a request manually by using a Custom API in Astera.

To authorize an ActiveCampaign API in Astera, follow these steps:

  1. Create an integration project in Astera.

  2. Create a Custom API and provide Base Url.

Reference link for Base Url:

  1. Now, you need to authenticate the ActiveCampaign APIs to use them in your dataflow. Without authentication, you will get an error. To authenticate an API, go to the Project Explorer and double-click on the API’s .sact file under the Shared Connection node.

The ActiveCampaign .sact file will open in the designer. Now, right-click the shared action file’s header and select Properties.

  1. ActiveCampaign uses an API Key as Security Type. Specify your Key and Value.

Key: API-Token

Value: {Token}

  1. Click OK, and save the shared action file (.sact).

  2. Add methods in REST API Browser panel which you want to use in Astera by adding requests, and you are ready to use the ActiveCampaign API in Astera.

This concludes authorizing the ActiveCampaign API.

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