Associating Tags to Data Assets in Astera’s Data Governance Platform

Users can define two types of tags: a user tag or a glossary tag.

A user tag can be created on the fly and does not need to have any associated definition. Any asset owners can create their own tags or use existing ones.

A glossary tag, however, can only be created by a glossary manager and can then be used by all data asset owners. This glossary tag helps establish a common understanding of terminologies across the organization.

Creating a Glossary Term

  1. On the home page, select the Glossary tab located next to the Resource Catalog tab.

  1. Click on the Add Term option to create a new glossary term. An empty record will be added to the grid.

  1. Provide the Term, Domain (optional), and Description of your desired Term and click save. The grid will now be populated with the newly created glossary term.

Note: Users can also click on the star icons in the empty fields for AI suggestions by Astera’s NorthStar. This option will provide users with three recommendations for the Domain and Description.

Attaching Tags to a Data Asset

  1. Navigate to the Resource Catalog page and click on the Data Asset you want to associate tags with. This will take you to the asset overview page. Under the Summary panel, click on Add Tag.

  1. Here, you can view the glossary tag we just created. All Glossary and User Tags will appear in the list.

  1. Click on the Glossary Tag we just created. This will associate the Tag to the Data Asset (signified by the glossary tag icon) and can assist in defining what the asset does as well as assist in searching for related assets.

  1. Click on Add Tag again, type in “Sales”, and click enter.

The User tag will be associated with the data asset (signified by the absence of a glossary tag icon). Multiple tags can be associated this way.

  1. Users can view the descriptions associated with the Glossary Tags by hovering over them.

Now that the Tags have been associated with the Data Asset, in the next article, we will explore how we can further enrich the asset above.

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