How to Supply a License Key Without Prompting the User

In some cases, it may be necessary to supply a license key without prompting the end user to do so. For example, in a scenario where the end user does not have access to install software, a systems administrator may do this as part of a script.

One possible solution is to place the license key in a text file. This way, the administrator can easily license each machine without having to go through the licensing prompt for each user.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to supplying a license key without prompting the user:

Step 1: Create a New Text Document

To get started, create a new text document that will hold the license key required to access the application.

Step 2: Enter the License Key

In the text document, enter a valid license key. The key must be the only thing in the document, and it must be on the very first line. Make sure there are no unnecessary leading or trailing spaces, lines, or any characters other than those of the license key.

Step 3: Save the Text Document by the name “Serial” in the Server Application Folder

Name the text document “Serial” and save it in the Integration Server Folder of the application located in Program Files on your PC. For instance, if the application is Astera, save the Text Document in the “Astera Integration Server 10” folder. This folder contains the files and settings for the server application. The directory path would be as follows:

C:\Program Files\Astera Software\Astera Integration Server 10.

Note: This approach works for all Astera applications, except for Astera API Management and Astera Express. For API Management, there is a different server. Thus, for it, you’ll need to locate the corresponding server folder and follow the same steps. Whereas for Astera Express, since there is no server involved, simply copy the Serial text document to the “Astera Express 10” folder, and the remaining steps remain unchanged.

Step 4: Restart the Service

Finally, restart the Astera Integration Server 10 service to complete the process. This step ensures that, from now on, when the user launches Astera or any other application by Astera, they will not be prompted to enter a license key.

Note: There is no need to restart the service for Astera Express as it does not have a corresponding server.

Also, please keep in mind that all license restrictions are still in effect, and this process only bypasses the user prompt for the key.

In conclusion, by following these simple steps, system administrators can easily supply a license key without prompting the end user. This approach is particularly useful when installing software remotely or when licensing multiple machines.

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