Swagger UI for API Deployments

Astera lets the user view their API deployments in a Swagger UI from the deployment section of the Server Browser.

For our use case, we already have deployments created, as evident in the Server Browser panel:

  1. To view the swagger options, right-click on the deployment node and hover over Swagger Options.

  1. Selecting View Swagger UI is going to present us with a new window where we can see Swagger for our deployed APIs.

The user can authorize, test, copy the response layout, and do a lot more within this UI.

Note: For deployments made on the local server, users would need to install the machine name certificate of the client to the server directory separately, to be able to test APIs from the Swagger UI.

You can expand each endpoint to view its details and you can also provide authorization for when consuming these endpoints.

This concludes working with the Swagger UI feature in Astera.

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