Run SQL Script

The Run SQL Script task provides flexibility to write a SQL code within Astera and execute it as part of a workflow.

To use a Run SQL Script task, drag-and-drop the Run SQL Script task object onto the workflow designer. Configure the object by right-clicking on the object’s header and selecting Properties from the context menu.

A Database Connection window will open, as shown below. This is where we will configure a connection with the database.

To connect to a database, click on the drop-down menu next to the Data Provider field and select a data provider from the list.

To establish a connection to a data provider, fill in the credentials such as User Id, Password, Server Name, Database, and Schema.

The next screen is the Run Sql Properties screen.

In the SQL Statement box, enter the SQL code. This code will be executed by the Run SQL Script task.

Once you have added the SQL script, click OK to close the window.

This concludes the working of the Run SQL Script object in Astera.

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