Astera 10.5 - Release Notes

Astera 10.5, where precision meets innovation in data governance. Unleash the power of smooth data management with our Governance platform's features: From intuitive UI enhancements to advanced AI-driven data enrichment and profiling.

Astera's Access Management ensures secure data marketplace navigation, while our Business Glossary, generated intelligently by AI, adds clarity to your vocabulary.

Experience a refined user interface, and optimized AI functionalities, setting a new benchmark in data governance.

Elevate your data trek with Astera 10.5 – where efficiency, visibility, and performance converge effortlessly, all within an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Data Governance

Data Discoverability

Advanced search and filtering capabilities to find exactly what the user is looking for. The Astera Governance platform offers these features and much more.

Data Enrichment

We've integrated AI to automatically generate business titles, descriptions for assets/artifacts, and field descriptions, enhancing clarity and efficiency in our processes.

Data Profiling

Data profiling refers to the process of examining, analyzing, reviewing, and summarizing data sets. The Astera Governance platform offers advanced functionality that encompasses Data Profiling.

Data Quality

Data quality is a measure of the condition of data based on factors such as accuracy, completeness, consistency, reliability, and whether it's up to date.

Business Glossary (this is also being generated via AI)

A business glossary is a set of data-related terms and definitions. The Astera Governance platform also supports a business glossary, which is generated using AI.

Data Marketplace/Access Management

The Access Management section of the Astera Data Governance platform lets the owner set resources to each of the users, based on their roles.


FTP and File Handling Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the Cloud Browser functionality, refining source parameter usage in FTP List, and improving password handling in the File Transfer Task.

Improvements in user experience include better informative messaging during server downtime and streamlined communication for file uploads/downloads.

User Interface Refinements

User interface improvements encompass enhanced homepage pagination. The Edit Toolbar button has a polished appearance, and project explorer panels feature icons for improved visibility.

The 'Ask AI' feature has been enhanced, and UI improvements contribute to a more user-friendly experience. Forward/back buttons in the Job Progress window have been improved, enhancing usability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhancements

Improvements in the AI Mapper performance and error handling have been made. The 'Build Using AI' feature has seen refined UI improvements for seamless user interaction.

AI Mapper optimizations enhance performance, and parsing of Functional Groups in EDI Source has been improved.

Other Enhancements

UI improvements for the 'Build Using AI' feature have been made. Cluster repository building now features clearer communication.

Additional Notes

  • For existing customers, a repository upgrade and service restart is required. It is recommended that upgrading customers use the Repository Upgrade Utility.

  • Data Warehouse Builder is not included with this release. Data Warehouse customers should continue using previous stable 10.3 or 10.4 versions.

This concludes the Astera 10.5 Release Notes.

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