Adding an AS2 Partner

The AS2 protocol is a file transfer protocol commonly used to transfer EDI files from one AS2 partner to another.

In this document, we will learn how to add an AS2 Partner in Astera.

Configuring an AS2 Partner

  1. To setup an AS2 Partner go to the Server Explorer, right-click on DEFAULT and select the AS2 Setup option.

  1. The AS2 setup configuration page will open, select the AS2 Partners tab. This is where all configured partners are shown.

Note: Make sure your deployment directory is set up in the Cluster Settings before this step.

  1. Let’s click on the import arrow to add a new partner.

An Import Partner window will open like this:

  • Partner Name – The name used to refer to this partner.

  • Partner URL – The URL of the partners server where their AS2 service is active.

  • AS2 ID – Partners unique identifier.

  • Certificate File – File path where the partners public certificate is stored.

Now, let’s add our AS2 partner and click Import.

  1. Our AS2 partner has been added.

This is how an AS2 partner can be added to send and receive EDI files in Astera.

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