Setting up an AS2 Server

An AS2 protocol is a file transfer protocol commonly used to securely transfer EDI files from one partner to another.

In this document, we will learn how to setup an AS2 Server in Astera.

Configuring the AS2 Setup

  1. To setup an AS2 Server go to the Server Explorer, right-click on DEFAULT and select the AS2 Setup option.

  1. The AS2 setup configuration page will open, as shown below.

Let’s look at the different configuration options provided here.

  • Server URL – This is the URL of your server where the AS2 service is active, listening for calls from your partner to transmit an EDI file.

  • AS2 ID – A unique identifier which would allow our partner to identify our request to send a file.

  • Server Upload Directory – Directory where we want to store all files sent through the AS2 request.

  • Public Certificate Path – File path where our public certificate is stored.

  • Private Certificate Path and Password – File path where the private certificate is stored along with its password.

Note: We can manage our certificates on the Certificate Store.

Now, let’s configure our AS2 Server:

  1. Our AS2 server setup has now been configured. We can now save it and make use of our AS2 service to send and receive EDI files in Astera.

This is how an AS2 server can be setup to send and receive EDI files in Astera.

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