Scheduling Data Profile and Data Quality in Astera’s Data Governance Platform

In the previous articles, we saw how data profiles and data quality can be generated manually. This section will look at how we can schedule these to run automatically based on a defined frequency, avoiding manual intervention.

  1. Navigate to the scheduler through the commands at the top.

You will be directed to the scheduler page.

  1. Click on Add Schedule.

A panel on the right will appear where you can start defining your schedule details.

  1. Select the data asset from the Name drop-down menu for which you want to schedule the data profile and data quality rules.

Note: Only tabular data assets, such as Excel files and database tables, will be populated in the list.

  1. Next, select the Server you want the job to run on.

In this case, we only have a single server listed. So, we will be selecting that.

  1. All schedules created are set to active by default. You can choose to change this if needed.

  1. We will now define the frequency at which we want this schedule to run.

We have a few options for this. Selecting a specific frequency updates the panel with the required fields.

  1. In this case, we will be selecting Daily since we want the data profiling and quality for this asset to be updated daily.

Note that some of the configuration fields have changed.

  1. Define the start date and time and when you want to perform this task.

  1. Click on Confirm.

The created schedule has been added to the grid.

  1. Once the schedule is triggered, the status will be updated. Along with the last and next run details.

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