ComputeHash (Str, Key, hex)




ComputeHash (String str, String key, Boolean hex)


To return a hashed representation of a given string using a specified key.


Returns (A base 64 encoded value or a string representation of the value – If hex value is ‘True’) a hashed representation of a given string using a key.

Return Type



str [System.String] – The raw string to use as the input

key [System.String] – The secret random key used to compute the hash

hex [System.Boolean] – Used to specify whether the resulting hash should be represented in hexadecimal format (True) or as raw binary data (False)


In this example, we are passing the required parameters to the function transformation object using a Variables object.


str = Hello World!

key = 0x95A1F27B384C3B50

Note: Random keys can be used for generating unique hashes, such as in hash tables.

hex = True

Right-click on the function transformation object and select Preview Output. You can see that the tool has returned the hexadecimal hashed value of the specified string, using the specified key value.

Similarly, the following will be the output if the hex value is specified as “False”:

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