Purging the Database Repository

Organizations using Astera Data Stack can consider purging their database repository before system expansion to assess potential performance improvements. This section outlines the database repository, its purging process, and the benefits associated with it.

It is recommended that no job or any other server-related operation is under progress when the user conducts the purge.

Database Repository in Astera Data Stack:

Astera Data Stack retains all job-related information within its database repository. This includes details like job duration, ID, execution time, and associated workflow. Three primary tables manage this data:

  1. JobInfo

  2. JobTrace

  3. JobQueue

With each job execution, the database repository is updated to incorporate the new job data. Over time, as the number of jobs increases, the repository's volume can grow significantly, potentially impacting system performance. To mitigate this, deleting older job data from the repository is recommended.

Purging the Database Repository:

Astera Data Stack offers functionalities within the Server Explorer tab to facilitate database repository purging.

  1. In the Server Explorer tab, right-click on the Server and click on Server Properties.

  1. In Server Properties, users can define various parameters like purge chunk size, timeout duration, and specific time limits for deleting old job data through Purge Options.

  1. For automated purging, users can configure settings within Cluster Settings. To access Cluster Settings, go to Server > Cluster > Cluster Settings.

These settings allow specifying durations for retaining Job Info and Server Events data before automatic deletion.

  1. Alternatively, users can right-click the Server Name and select Delete Stale Jobs to initiate immediate purging.

  1. Following a purge operation, users can verify its success by right clicking the Server Name again and selecting Server Log. This log will display whether the designated number of days' worth of job data has been removed.

You have now successfully purged your database repository in Astera Data Stack.

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