Pre-built Custom Connectors

The API Browser provides a convenient option to import pre-built and pre-tested CAPI connectors directly from Astera's GitHub repository.

These connectors are carefully curated and include a comprehensive list of endpoints that have been thoroughly tested and configured for seamless consumer use. This option allows users to easily access and integrate these connectors into their projects, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity with the associated APIs.

Additionally, Astera offers users an option to build their own custom API connectors. Please visit the documentation here.

1. To start, open the API Browser from the View -> Data Service -> API Browser.

  1. Select Import API.

This will open a new window.

  1. From the API Import Source dropdown menu, select Custom Connectors.

Selecting this option will bring up a new interface on the same screen.

  1. If we open the Connector drop-down menu, we can see a list of available CAPI Connectors.

  1. For our use case, we will select the AgileCRM connector.

Astera will automatically create a shared action file and CAPI file in the project, as well as populate the API Browser with all the possible endpoints.

Once the connection is authorized, the endpoints can be used in various flows in accordance with the application. Just drag-and-drop any endpoint to a Dataflow and map any required inputs to use it.

This concludes the working of Custom CAPI Connectors in Astera.

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