Multiple Responses using Conditional Route


An API flow can be conditioned to return a different response as per the designed flow. The server could return a successful response for a valid request or return a missing parameter response for an incomplete request.

To define an API with multiple responses, we have mapped two Response objects through a Route Transformation object conditioned on the request received. The Route conditions should be defined to take care of routing all the incoming data to either of the two responses at a time, avoiding any unexpected responses due to race conditions.

Since no data is flowing for a ‘No Content’ response, such responses can be controlled using Anchor Maps. These are mapped with the Route Transformation outgoing node for the respective rule.

To create an anchor map, press the icon on the API flow toolbar and create a map from the UnderProcess rule node of the Route Transformation to the ‘Resp_200_02’ Response object.

This concludes the working of multiple responses in an API flow.

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