Connecting to Source Control

Astera features integration with Team Foundation Server and VSTS to manage version control over your projects.

To connect to a Source Control server, navigate to

Project > Source Control > Connect to Source Control Server

Connecting to TFS

Windows Authentication can be used to connect to a Team Foundation Server. This uses the current user which is logged on to Windows and uses the windows credentials to authenticate the user.

Connecting to VSTS

Various authentication methods can be used to connect to Visual Studio Team Services (Visual Studio Online). When using these authentication methods, the Path can be set as empty with Port set to 0.

Alternate Authentication can be enabled inside the Security settings for your Visual Studio account. This enables the account to have a manageable separate username and password.

Personal Access Tokens can also be enabled and uses a generated token to authenticate the account.

Rest Authentication provides a built in prompt to login using your Microsoft account.

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